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9 March 1936: C. V. Kunjiraman (SNDP) speaks at Maramon Convention

C.V. Kunhiraman, (Potrait at Sahitya Akademi Thrissur- Photo by NandakumarThottathil)

C.V. Kunhiraman, (Potrait at Sahitya Akademi Thrissur – Photo by Nandakumar Thottathil)

Most of the times Maramon Convention speakers are Christian leaders. At times, even Non-Christian leaders are invited to speak occasionally to express their views. On 9th March 1936, Mr. C. V. Kunjiraman (C.V. Kunhiraman), one of the prominent Ezhava leaders and General Secretary of the SNDP Yogam was given the privilege to speak at the convention. He was a social reformer and author of many books. This was an example of the religious harmony that existed in Kerala.