About E-Library

The Internet has redefined the way people access information and communicate with each other around the world. Accessing information and data earlier was only through a hard copy in hand or available in a few libraries of the world. All this today can now be read and copies made with a click of a button.

Till recent times, it has been difficult to get hold of books with reference to the faith and practices of Christians in India, biographies of great Evangelists, Missionaries, Church Leaders, and ordinary men and women who have dedicated themselves to the mission of the Church in India.

Today all this information is just a click away on the Internet in the form of an E-Library. Anyone with an Internet connection can visit the site and view the growing collection of book titles.

Once they click on the book title, they have an option to read online or download and save the selected pdf book to read later or print out. It is absolutely free and there is no need to install any software or sign up to access any of this information. All books are currently in English.

This E-Library is a great resource point for church members, youths, Sunday School teachers & students and just about anyone interested in church history and biographies.

The E-Library has been a blessing to the ever growing family of Indian Christians around the world who are not fluent in Malayalam or were born and raised up outside Kerala. Many parishes around the world have hosted the E-Library on their own sites or have provided a link to the original E library portal from their individual Parish web sites.

Information from the books have also been cited in several newspapers, websites, magazines, journals, books, Sunday School text books and publications around the world.

While E-books are fast catching up with their print counterparts, and are increasingly preferred with the digitally savvy as it can be downloaded and read on laptops, mobile phones, tablets and any other modern device supporting pdf documents.

Many of these biographies and E-books are not available in print and are exclusively Internet based.

Advocate John Joseph Nalloor
Author and Editor in Chief


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6 responses

  1. The reality of life is written so aptly

  2. Aptly written so true a humbling experience

  3. It is wonderful to hear that, E library is an excellent concept, atleast a blessing for people like me


    1. Thank you so much for your support and prayers.

  5. Dear Sir,We got introduced this morning at the JMMA Holistic Centre.I visited your Website and had a quick Tour.I like to convey my sincere appreciation of your great effort for providing knowledge absolutly free of cost.I shall take time to explore and learn from your Store of knowlledge.Thank you.May God bless you and your family.

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