15 May, 1857: Birth of Hymn writer Rev. T. Koshy (Aatmopakari Achen)

Kristeeya Keerththanangal

           Kristeeya Keerththanangal

15 May, 1857: Birth of Rev. Thomas Koshy (Aatmopakari Achen), author of Hymn “Ennullil ennum vasichchiduvan”. Born as a member of the Mukkadavu family of Kallada, he became a priest in 1896. He was a gifted artist, hymn writer and publisher. He was a speaker of the Maramon Convention for many years.

Hymn Nos. 10(9), 37(35), 190(179), 216(201), 20(205), 221(206), 246(224), 297(283), 316(311), 344, and 352 in the Hymn Book Kristheeya Kerthanagal are written by him.

Read more in our Short Biographies:  Rev. Thomas Koshy (Aatmopakari Achen) (Free PDF)



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