1940: Land Tax for the Maramon Convention Plot and Government Help

Maramon Convention preparations taking place. (Photo by Leju Kamal, The Hindu)

Maramon Convention preparations taking place. (Photo by Leju Kamal, The Hindu)

The Kerala government authorities were always helpful in the organizing and running of the Maramon Convention. in 1940, with the help of C. K. Mathen Peshkar, (District Collector), the river bank (venue of the convention) was registered in the name of the Mar Thoma Syrian Church and a yearly tax of Rs.100/- is being paid every year as registration renewal fee.

Every year, several governmental organizations namely – the Kerala Water Authority, Kerala State Electricity Board, Water Resources Department, Public Works Department, Police, Fire and Rescue Force, Health Department and the Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) work with the Church to make sure the Maramon Convention runs smoothly. Special KSRTC buses are also arranged to Maramon bus stand from depots in the district during the convention period. The security and organizational logistics in place for the lakhs of people attending the convention is made possible by the help of these governmental organizations and thousands of volunteers from the various parishes of the Church.


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