1898 -1912: Rev. Thomas Walker inspires Mar Thoma Missionary projects

Rev. Thomas Walker - Church Missionary Society

Rev. Thomas Walker – Church Missionary Society

Rev. Thomas Walker was one of the main speakers at the Maramon Convention from 1898 to 1912. He was a Church Missionary Society (CMS) missionary from Tirunelveli. He emphasized the importance on studying the Word of God (Bible) and to promote the missionary work of the Mar Thoma Syrian Church. His inputs were instrumental in inspiring and the beginning of many Mar Thoma Missionary projects across India.



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  1. Dear Sir,
    I am John Cyrus from Kairos Multimedia (founded by late Dr. Emil Jebasingh, founder of Vishwa Vani, India). We request you to give us permission to use the photo of “Rev. Thomas Walker” in our “Emil Annan’s Testimony and His Farewell Address” video by Kairos Multimedia, Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi – 110019.

    We want to use this photo because Dr. Emil Jebasingh in his life story tells about Rev. Thomas Walker few occasions in connection with Dr. Emil’s prayer group at Pannaivillai, Tamilnadu.
    Thanking you for your kind permission.

    Yours Sincerely,
    John Cyrus
    Sales & Marketing Executive

    1. Dear John, can you kindly give us your email address.

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