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Rare Historical Recording to celebrate the centenary of the Mar Thoma Suvishesha Sevika Sanghom

Mar Thoma Suvishesha Sevika Sanghom is celebrating its centenary during the year 2018-2019. Let us hear the story of Mrs Mariamma Joseph a former student of Vanitha Mandiram in her own words. God inspired her and used her to be one of the founders of the present Hoskote Mission Medical Centre. In this rare audio recording, she narrates the beginning of the Hoskote Mission in 1947.

mrs mariamma joseph

The recording was done in June 1984 during Mrs Mariamma Joseph’s (co-founder of the mission) address to the Dubai Mar Thoma Parish. She spoke about the beginning of Hoskote Mission and the challenges faced by the pioneering missionaries.

The Hoskote Mission Medical Center was established in 1947 in Hoskote, Bangalore Rural District, Karnataka by two missionaries Mr. M. T. Joseph and Mr. A.C. Zachariah along with their wives Mariamma Joseph and Saramma Zachariah.

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