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February, 1917: Sadhu Sunder Singh preaches at Maramon Convention

Sadhu Sundar Singh

Sadhu Sundar Singh

Sadhu Sunder Singh (3 September 1889-1929) the renowned Indian Christian missionary was one of the speakers of the Maramon Convention in 1918. He spoke in Hindi and the translation was done by Mr. M. O. Oommen, Chief Conservator of Travancore.

Sadhu Sunder Singh drew crowds greater than any previous conventions, so much so that before the end of the week the pandal (covered area) had to be enlarged. It is estimated at the final meeting about 32,000 people gathered to hear his message.


Pages from History: 9 November, 1917: Birth of Dr. Sosamma Philip – Medical Missionary

Dr. Sosamma Philip, Medical Missionary.

Late Dr. Sosamma Philip, Medical Missionary.

9th November, 1917: Birth of Dr.Sosamma Philip, Medical Missionary. Dr. Sosamma was the daughter of Late Rev. M.C. George Kasseesa (17 April 1874 – 23 October 1923) of Maliyekkal House, Kuriannoor.

The Late Most Rev. Dr. Alexander Mar Thoma Valiya Metropolitan (10 April 1913 – 11 January 2000) was her elder brother. Dr. Sosamma passed her final school examination in 1933, but she couldn’t afford a college education. She joined the undergraduate teacher’s training course in Tiruvalla and then became a teacher in Kuriannoor Middle School. The family had to sell a portion of their ancestral property to pay for her dowry.

In 1940, she married Dr. P.V. Philip (Palathinkkal, Kottayam), who was working with the Mission Hospital in Karappuram, Cherthala. But unfortunately, Dr. Philip died after nine months of their marriage. She also lost her mother, three months later. Dr. Sosamma had an earnest desire to continue the medical work of her departed husband. She joined Alwaye U.C. College and passed her intermediate examinations and applied for a seat in Christian Medical College, Vellore. As she did not get admission at CMC Vellore, she joined the American College in Madurai and finished her B.A. and then joined the Nicholson School, Tiruvalla, as a teacher.

But the desire for a medical education was burning in her heart, so she applied again and this time she secured an admission in Christian Medical College, Vellore.  Immediately after getting her Medical degree, she joined the Karapuram, Cherthala Mission, where her husband had worked. After further passing her specialization courses in Chicago, she worked with the Kumbanad and Kattanam hospitals for many years.

In 1967, she joined the Sihora Ashram Hospital in Madhya Pradesh and remained there till her retirement, 30 years later in 1997.  As recognition of her work and social service, the Church awarded her the “Manava Seva Award”.

After her retirement, she returned to stay with her relatives in Kuriannoor. She was called to her eternal home on 4 May 2008 and was buried beside her parents at the St.Thomas Mar Thoma Church Cemetery in Kuriannoor.

Rev. M.C. George Kasseesa (Father of Dr. Sosamma Philip)

Late Rev. M.C. George Kasseesa (Father of Dr. Sosamma Philip)

Alexander Mar Thoma Valiya Metropolitan

Late Alexander Mar Thoma Valiya Metropolitan (Elder brother of Dr. Sosamma Philip)

Pages from History: 14 July, 1947, Punchamannil Mammen Upadeshi passes away

14 July, 1947: Punchamannil Mammen Upadeshi passes away. Mammen Upadeshi was born in the Vadasseri house of the Punchamannil family in Maramon on 25 Nov.1868, as the son of Mathai and Achiyamma.

Mammen’s elder siblings all died while they were still infants. So Mammen was baptized at home when he was very young by the Parish Priest Rev. Titus (Later Rt. Rev. Titus I Mar Thoma).

Mammen Upadeshi trusted the Lord like the Old Testament Prophet Elijah and lived like Elijah, spoke the messages of the Lord like Elijah, fought against evil forces like Elijah and even performed miracles like Elijah.

Punchamannil Mammen Upadeshi

Punchamannil Mammen Upadeshi

Pages from History. 10 July, 1919: P.V. Thommy Upadeshi passes away

10 July, 1919: P.V. Thommy Upadeshi passes away. Thommy Upadeshi was born in a very poor family of the Kunnamkulam Mar Thoma Parish in 1881. After his basic education he became a teacher. But after few years of teaching he became a full time evangelist in the Mar Thoma Church.

Rev. C.M. Joseph, Vicar of the Kunnamkulam Parish encouraged him in his Gospel work. Titus II Metropolitan appointed him as evangelist in Trichur and Perumbavoor He was a blessed Hymn writer. In 1905 he published a Hymn Book “Vishudha Geethangal” comprising of 136 hymns.

His language is simple and even the illiterate persons can enjoy his hymns. The following hymns in the  book  Kristheeya Keerththanangal are written by him: 3 (3), 11(10), 12(11), 30(28), 56(56), 61(61), 67(67), 70(70), 71(71), 73(73), 96(96), 130(111),  35(126), 145(136), 243(221), 247(225), 286(286), 295(281), 345 (345), 351(351), 366(242), 368(251).

In 1919 there was an outbreak of Cholera in Kunnamkulam and many persons died. Thommy Upadesi volunteered to serve the cholera patients and was finally infected with cholera. He passed away on Wednesday 10 July 1919 at the age of 38.

Kristheeya Keerththanangal

Kristheeya Keerththanangal

Pages from History: 27 June, 1880, Birth of Helen Keller

27 June, 1880: Birth of Helen Keller (d.1 June 1968) in Tuscumbia, a little town of northern Alabama, USA.

As a baby of nineteen months, Helen Keller was stricken with a severe illness which left her totally blind and deaf. Then Anne Mansfield Sullivan a English teacher came to teach her and there began that remarkable story of her development into a woman of great culture and spiritual insight.

Helen Keller devoted her life to helping blind and deaf-blind people. She appeared before US state and national legislatures and international forums, travelled around the world to lecture and to visit areas with a high incidence of blindness, and wrote numerous books and articles. She is known as a symbol of Hope for blind people across the world.

Miss Sullivan reading to Miss Keller, circa 1898 (http://www.afb.org)

Miss Sullivan reading to Miss Keller, circa 1898 (http://www.afb.org)

Pages from History: 25 June, 1865, Formation of China Inland Mission

25 June, 1865: Formation of China Inland Mission. English Missionary J Hudson Taylor is the founder of the China Inland Mission. Its missionaries were not having any guaranteed salary. They never appealed for funds. They trusted in God for all their needs and they even adopted the Chinese way of dressing.

Pages from History: William Carey passes away (1834)

9 June, 1834: William Carey often called “the father of modern Protestant missions” dies, having spent 41 years in India without a furlough. His mission could count only about 700 converts, but he had laid a foundation of Bible translations, education, and social reform.

He also inspired the missionary movement of the nineteenth century, especially with his cry, “Expect great things from God; attempt great things for God “. As per his will he was buried in the Serampore Cemetery with the following inscription on the tomb stone “William Carey, Born 17 Aug 1761, Died 9 June, 1834; A wretched, poor and helpless worm, on thy kind arms I fall”.

William Carey: The Shoemaker Who Became the Founder of Modern Missions; John Brown Myers; London 1887

William Carey: The Shoemaker Who Became the Founder of Modern Missions; (John Brown Myers; London 1887)

William Carey's tombstone at the Serampore Christian burial grounds (Photo from http://www.careyfamilynetwork.co.uk)

William Carey’s tombstone at the Serampore Christian burial grounds (Photo from http://www.careyfamilynetwork.co.uk)


Pages from History: Anglican Church ordains first priest from Pulaya Community (1931)

31 May, 1931: Anglican Church ordains first priest from Pulaya Community. Due to the work of CMS missionaries many people from the backward classes were converted to Christianity. But Syrian Christians were not willing to worship with them or accommodate them in their churches or society.

Special churches were made to for them and they were  treated as untouchables by the high Class Syrian Christians. On 31st May, 1931, Mr. P. J. Isaac a member of the Pulaya community was ordained to the priesthood by Bishop Moore in an effort to eradicate this social evil.

Pages from History: 26 May 1914 Birth Centenary of of Rt. Rev. Thomas Mar Athanasius Suffragan Metropolitan.

26 May, 1914: Birth of Rt. Rev. Thomas Mar Athanasius. Thirumeni was born to the Panampunnayil family at Kottayam. He was ordained as a Deacon of the Church in 1944 and as Kassessa in 1946.

On 20 May, 1953, he was consecrated as Bishop. He was designated as Suffragan Metropolitan in May 1978 together with Philipose Mar Chrysostom. He guided the evangelistic activities of the whole Church for many years.

The college for women at Perumbavoor was established under his inspiring leadership. Thirumeni was called to eternal rest on 27th November, 1984.

 Rt. Rev. Thomas Mar Athanasius

Rt. Rev. Thomas Mar Athanasius

Pages from History: 21 May, 1921: V. Nagel, author of “Samayamaam radhaththil” passes away.

21 May, 1921: V. Nagel, author of “Samayamaam radhaththil” passes away. Born in Germany on 3 November, 1867, he came to India in 1893, as a missionary. Along with his wife Harriet, he worked in Kunnamkulam, North Paravur, Trichur and Kumbanadu.

He has written more than 100 hymns in Malayalam. Hymn Nos. 57, 144(135), 153(143), 155(145), 203(392), 214(199), 223(208), 238(216), 239(217), 242(220), 244(222), 287, 294(280), 298(284), 300, 301, 325(319), 374(257), 380(260), 382(262), 390(269), 402(294) ,405(353) and 411(354) in Kristheeya Keerththanangal –  ( Hymn Book of the Mar Thoma Church)  are written by him.

V. Nagel

V. Nagel