17 May, 1889 Birth of Military Chaplain Rev. T. M.Mathai

Father John McGovern gives mass in France during World War II. (U.S. Army Signal Corps)

For Illustrative Purposes – Military Chaplain Father John McGovern gives mass in France during World War II. (U.S. Army Signal Corps)

17 May, 1889:Birth of Scout Achen,Rev. T. M.Mathai,Punnathundiyil, Kuriannoor.
Rev.T. M. Mathai, was born as a member of the Punnathundiyil family of Kuriannoor, and he became a priest in 1913. He may be the only Mar Thoma Priest who served as a British Military Chaplain during World War Two.
He was also the first missionary priest in Karwar in Karnataka.  He was also the first priest of the St. John’s Mar Thoma Parish in Khadki, Pune. The Pune Mar Thoma congregation. The parish  then comprised of members from different areas namely Pune, Kirkee, Pimpri, Dehu Road, Dighi and Vishrantwadi.
He also served as the District Commissioner of the Scout movement in Kerala and was popularly known as Scout Achen . He stayed in Charalkunnu  for many years, before the establishment of the Sunday School Samajam Camp Center.

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  1. Yes, it is a good valuable information about Rev. T. M. Mathai, Punnathundyil , Kuriannoor. He also used to prepare qualitative deshamoolaristam, various kinds of Aeurvedic oils , etc. A number of times I used to visit him for obtaining Deshamoolaristam from his hut where he was staying.

  2. Yes, it is good & valuable information about Rev. T. M . Mathai, Punnathundyil Achen, Kuriannor. He used to prepare good quality Deshamoolaristam and Ayurveda Oils . A number of times I visited him when I was a teenage boy, in his hut where he was staying, to obtain Deshamoolaristam for my Grandfather & Grandmother,

    1. Thank you for that extra information. Do continue to support us by sharing information and posts to others.

  3. Abraham Thomas | Reply

    Nalloor Library is very helpful for historical information. Rev. Dr. C.E. Abraham was born at the famous village of MELUKARA in Pampa River Bank which is also known as the birth place of another two more historians like Mr. K.N.Daniel,(Kerala Simham KND), and Vidwan T. C. Chacko Thuruthiyil. Also Sri. Chitadathu Sanku Pilla the Chief Security Officer and Asrama Sishiyan of Mahathma Gandhiji was born in Melukara as neighbors in this Pampa river side . The Three Mar Thoma Historians of Kozhencherry. Thanks for Nalloor Library .

  4. P J Abraham Pune | Reply

    Rev T M Mathai Achen was the first vicar of Poona Marthoma Congregation in Pune in1951. St.John`s M T C Khadki was formed in 1967. At the time Rev K G Chacko was the Vicar

    1. Thank you for pointing that out! Will note it for the future!

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