Pages from History: 40 Years – No Salary – Selfless Parish Service – Rev. C M Joseph

26 February, 1876: Birth of C.M. Joseph Kathanar, Cheruvathur, Kunnamkulam (d..28 February 1943) was ordained deacon on 17 November 1900 and priest on 5 Jan 1901. During his 40 years of service as vicar of various parishes he did not take any salary or any monetary benefits. It was a totally voluntary service!  He was the vicar of  Kunnamkulam, Pzhanji, Trichur, Chennamkerry, Chalasserry, Varakkara, Vengoor, Kizhillam, Valakam and Kochi. With ten of his friends he formed an association” Kunnamkulam Mar Thoma Suriyani Suveshesha Prasangasangam” and he was the president  for it for 35 years.

Rev. C. M. Joseph

Rev. C. M. Joseph


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