The story of ELS and A Lifetime with Books – Two Free eBooks

Mr. V. M . Abraham and Mrs. Leelamma Abraham

“The written word is like a seed. If it falls on prepared soil having moisture and sunlight, in due season it will grow and bear fruit.”

We present two free eBooks in pdf format courtesy by V M Abraham. He and his wife Leelamma Abraham are known for their life long mission and role in the formative years of ELS (Evangelical Literature Service) in India and the expansion of its work across India.

In fact my life in the role as the leader of ELS was a victory march of eighteen years. It is only with the eyes of a beholder that such struggles and victories can be seen, especially in a spiritual field. We never worked for personal gain – be it money, popularity or position. We firmly believed that ‘godliness with contentment is great gain’. In times of crisis it was great to listen to God by reading His Word and meditating upon it to hear what He was saying. At such times, it was God’s Word that comforted, encouraged and gave me direction and purpose. I know that He is a God who speaks; but to hear His voice, one must choose to listen.

~ V M Abraham

A Grain of Mustard Seed

The Story of Evangelical Literature Service (ELS) is an account and a confirmation of that blessed truth that God is utterly dependable and that His faithfulness towards us never fails. Authored by V.M. Abraham and Ida David it is a firsthand account of the ELS story in India.

In 1946 a bookshop was started in Chennai in a small rented room. That was the beginning of ELS. God blessed the work and in 1954 ELS was registered in Chennai under the Societies Registration Act. God has blessed the vision of Donald David and the work that began in 1946 as a one room shop, today has twenty three centers in nine states of India – Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Punjab, Delhi, Dimapur, Secunderabad and Pondicherry.

A Lifetime with Books – Personal experiences of V M Abraham and Leelamma Abraham in Christian Book Ministry (2017)

“VM has sketched us many interesting aspects of his life, from a boy with bare feet going to school, to beinginvolved in a world wide literature ministry where all the essential lessons learned in Madras/Chennai, were shared with CLC workers in different parts of the world, what a wonderful heritage to pass on.” ~ Geoffrey and Pauline Williams.

The Printed Page

  • The printed page can go where the human voice cannot.
  • It travels cheaply.
  • It leaps language barriers, and is never influenced by racial prejudice.
  • It preaches the same message to everyone.
  • It never loses its temper… never talks back
  • It never tires, but works even when men sleep.
  • It is never discouraged.
  • It always catches a person in the right mood.
  • It speaks without a foreign accent.
  • It never compromises… never changes its message.
  • It continues to witness long after its author has died.

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