Free EBook to celebrate 75 years of Hoskote Mission [Platinum Jubilee]. 1947-2022

On 26th June 2022, Hoskote Mission will celebrate 75 years (Platinum Jubilee). The Hoskote Mission Medical Center was established in 1947 in Hoskote, Bangalore Rural District, Karnataka by two missionaries Mr. M. T. Joseph and Mr. A.C. Zachariah along with their wives Mariamma Joseph and Saramma Zachariah. As part of this historic moment, Nalloor Library presents a free Ebook version of – ‘From his majesty’s service to His Majesty’s Service’ (Pioneers of Hoskote Mission) released in December 2003.

Articles in the book are in both English and Malayalam and include recollections from the late Rt. Rev. Dr. Alexander Mar Thoma Valia Metropolitan, late Rt. Rev. Philipose Mar Thoma Valia Metropolitan, late Rt. Rev. Dr. Joseph Mar Thoma Metropolitan, Rt. Rev. Joseph Mar Barnabas Suffragan Metropolitan, Acharya Rev. K. J. Samuel, late Very. Rev. C. G. Alexander, late Rev. Dr. K. P. Mathai, Rev. E. J. George and more.



  • Manon Ousephachen – Rt. Rev. Dr. Joseph Mar Irenaeus Suffragan Metropolitan
  • Builders of the Kingdom of God -Rt. Rev. Joseph Mar Barnabas Episcopa
  • Speaking Ill of Others ! – Acharya Rev. K. J. Samuel
  • A Reflection on the life of Mr. and Mrs. M.T. Joseph – Rev. P. V. Philip
  • A Pillar in the Temple of God – Rev. P. Chacko and Mrs. Thankamma Chacko
  • Blessing Harper -Miss Blessing
  • Consolation Letter -Rev. A.C. Zachariah
  • Appachen -Dr. Rajan Koshy
  • M.T. Joseph -Very. Rev. C. G. Alexander
  • Impressions and Reflections -Mrs. E. V. Mathew
  • Early Days of Pennamma (Mrs. M.T. Joseph)
  • Memoirs of ‘Hoskote Ashram’, the place where I grew up -Thomas Joseph (Jay)
  • A more excellent way – Grace John
  • My Beloved Mother – Grace John
  • Hoskote Mission – Rev. Dr. K. P. Mathai
  • Photos


  • My Memories about Hoskote Mission Field – Rt. Rev. Dr. Alexander Mar Thoma Valia Metropolitan.
  • Classmate of my Brother -Rt. Rev. Philipose Mar Chrysostom Mar Thoma Metropolitan
  • Sweet Memories -Mary and Sally
  • Joseph Sar and family -Witnesses of Christ in Hoskote -Mr. K. V. Mathew
  • The Torch Bearers of the Gospel in Karnataka -Mr. V. Mathai
  • Appachen -Ms. P.T. Mariamma
  • Unforgettable Memories -Mr. T. M. Koshy, Evangelist
  • Memories, Memories … -Rev. E. J. George
  • Joseph Sar and Kochamma still alive in my memory – Ms. Aleyamma Mathew
  • Two Brave Martyrs for Christ – Mr. K. V. Varghese
  • Appachen and Ammachi in our Memories – Rev. P. E. Mathew and Mrs. Laly Mathew
  • Remembrance News Article – Suvisesha Doothan – Magazine of the Mar Thoma Evangelistic Association (MTEA)
  • MTEA General  Secretary’s Letter – Article – Suvisesha Doothan – Magazine of the Mar Thoma Evangelistic Association (MTEA)

About the Writers


This book is a collection of memories penned down by people who have closely interacted or worked with Mr. and Mrs. M. T. Joseph (Co-founders of Hoskote Mission).  This book comes from a need that old memories of the pioneers would encourage and inspire more people to join the ministry and take up from where they left. History repeats itself and the only way people would be inspired to carry on with this great legacy we have been handed down is to read and pass on the memories of yesteryears.

Almost all the people who have contributed to this book are people who have done their part in building up the Kingdom of God. This is not a book to highlight or to downplay any indi­vidual’s work but rather an attempt to preserve and record history of the past events. It would be a testimony to show how God uses ordinary people from all walks of life simultaneously to carry out His mission and work of letting the whole world know of His Saving Grace.

We earnestly pray and believe that this book will inspire many of you to pray and support the work of the Hoskote Mission.


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