Where is the original Coonan Cross?

Coonen Cross 08

Yesterday on the 363rd anniversary of the Coonan Cross Oath, Nalloor Library visited the Coonan Kurishu Palli (Bent Cross Church) or known as the Holy Cross Church in the narrow lanes of of the old town of Mattancherry,Cochin, India.

The present cross does not appear to be 363 years old and appears not to be made of stone. It appears to be more like polished wood.

Does anyone know if the original cross was replaced, lost or even discarded over time. We would appreciate any information on the following historical artifact.


One response


    In the time of coonan cross, it was remaining as an an asset of malankara nasranees….. This church was founded by nazrsnees in the name of St Thomas…It is very logical that no one can take an oath against an enemy in the house of this same enemy…. The enemy will not allow it at all…what happened there? The malankara nazranees went to the harbour to receive Mar Ahathalla…. But the portugees catholic didnt handover Mar Ahathalla to his people… when The ship went away there they got a news that the portugees killed this bishop…. It was unbearable to Malankara nazranees…. They went together to their church in mattanchery and decided to take an oath against this catholic portugees domination…..So they went out of the church and took a rope which tied to a stone cross in front of that church and took the famous oath known as Coonan Cross Oath… Then they went back to Alangattu church…. After this incident the portugees army, with a terrible hatred and enmity, destroyed that church and cross…. But some catholic historians had written that it was demolished by the army of Tippu Sultan… Anyway it was destroyed… Until 1750 there was no church exist in the same place… In 1750 Mar Sakralla from Antioch came here and he built a new church there in the same name of St Thomas….. Now there is a church in the same premises… St Thomas Universal Pilgrim Center… It is an orthodox church…..But no know the correct location of the coonan cross in this compound…. But now there is a beautifull church and a stone cross which brings us the remembrance of that historical cross….

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