Pages from History: Strange But True! Lightning kills Mar Thoma II (Head of the Malankara Church) (1686)

14 April 1686: Pakalomattom Parampil Thomas Kathanar was consecrated as Mar Thoma I on 22 nd May 1653 at the Alangattu Church. He ably guided the Malankara Church till his death on 25 th April 1670. He was buried in the Marthomman Church Angamaly.

His brother/ nephew was consecrated as the Mar Thoma II in 1670. Mar Thoma II was killed by lightning on 14 April 1686 while he was taking rest in the Pally Meda (guest Room) of the St. Mary’s church in Niranam. He was buried in the same church cemetery.

This may be the only incident in the history of the Christian Church where a head of a church died due to a lightning strike.

Night Lightning by Sebastien D'ARCO

Night Lightning by Sebastien D’ARCO


Niranam St.Mary's Orthodox Church

Niranam St.Mary’s Orthodox Church

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