Pages from History: Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge (S.P.C.K.)

8 March, 1698: British missionary Thomas Bray and four laymen founded the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge (S.P.C.K.) “to advance the honour of God and the good of mankind by promoting Christian knowledge both at home and in the other parts of the world by the best methods that should offer”. S.P.C.K. started its work in India in 1711 and is now one of the leading Christian publishing Houses in India. It is known in India as Indian Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge (ISPCK).

“Over the years, SPCK has distributed over 30 million books and has provided the means for translating the Book of Common Prayer into more than 200 languages. SPCK sent the first printing presses to India, opened the first British schools for poor children, gave equal education to girls, sent the first printed books to Australia, established libraries for clergy and missionaries in many countries, and published the first Braille books.” ~



Thomas Bray

Thomas Bray

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