Pages from History – Poikayil Shri Kumara Guru

17 February, 1879: (Kumbham 5, 1054 M.E): Birth of Mr. Poikayil Yohannan. (Poikayil Shri Kumara Guru) Mr.Poikayil Yohannan – (Kumaran) – was born on 5 Kumbham 1054 M.E (February 17, 1879) in Eraviperoor in Tiruvalla Taluk in a slave family. His masters gave him the name Yohannan and made him a member of the Mar Thoma Church. He studied the Bible thoroughly and became an evangelist of the Mar Thoma Syrian Church. His messages were against the social injustice and evils such as slavery, untouchability etc. The Church couldn’t accommodate his teaching. He left the Mar Thoma Church and later founded the organization PRDS – Prathyasha Raksha Daiva Sabaha.

Poikayil Shri Kumara Guru

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  1. Informative, PRDS is not merely an organisation.It is a socio religious organisation mean for the suppressed caste. It’s ideology is neither Hindu nor Christian. PRDS is the only religious organization originating from Kerala for Dalits.

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