Short Biographies (2 minute reading)

Dr. Sosamma Philip – Medical Missionary

Chandu Menon – Bible Translator

P. V. Thommy Upadesi – Hymn writer

Kaithayil Geevarghese Malpan  – Reformation Leader

Dr. Miss Annamma Mathew – Ankola Ashram

P. M. Kochukurru – Hymn Writer

Rev. C. V. John – Defender of Faith


Dr. E. Stanley Jones – Billy Graham of India

F. J. Crosby – Hymn Writer and Poetess

Isaac Watts – Hymn writer & Theologian

Amy Carmichael – Founder of Dohnavur Mission

George Müller – Christian Evangelist & Champion of Orphans

Rev. K.M. Varghese Kathanar – First Maramon Convention Translator

Rev. K.N. George – School Administrator & Church Leader

Pandita Ramabai – Champion of Women’s Upliftment


Rev. K.T. Thomas -Saint of Sihora

Rev. M.P. Mathew- Sihora Ashram ‘Treasurer Babuji’

Rev. T. J. Andrews – Hymn Writer

Rev. Thomas Koshy – Hymn Writer

T. J. Varkey Asan – Hymn Writer

Titusji – Indian Freedom Fighter

V. P. Mammen Achen – Vicar General

Very Rev. V.T. Chacko – Vicar General

Sadhu Sunder Singh


Vicar General Kovoor Eipe Thoma Kathanar

Leyamma Mundakapadam Agathimandiram

Mrs. Kandamma Varghese – Mar Thoma Sevika Sanghom

Sister Aleyamma Varghese – Sihora Ashram

Sister Chechamma – Sihora Ashram


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  1. Good work!!!!!!! Keep it up! Looking forward to see more of this kind!

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    Dear Uncle,

    Sincere appreciations for your valuable effort to create such a magnificent work.
    May this be a blessing for the generations !!!
    Rev. Mathews A. Mathew

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    good work…

  4. Mathew K. Mathai | Reply

    Great work! Innumerable hearts may rejuvenate their enthusiasm for following the footsteps of the Great people, in the journey of Faith. Generations will transform their leisure time to know the sacrifices done by our forefathers in the name of Marthoma Church and finally lead them to Our Saviour and Lord Jesus. Amen.

  5. Its a great effort from Mr. Nalloor to create a library which i believe will expand even more in its days to come…….

  6. Abraham, Mumbai | Reply

    Sincere appreciations for your valuable effort to create such a magnificent work. Great Work….!

  7. Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ,

    Appreciate this great work and My God Bless you abundantly give my regards to Grace also.
    Elsy Raju (Ramani)

  8. Congratulations
    Good work

  9. Re-produece Such great great Hidden valuable informations to the Old and the new generations/ to the deserted minds to atleast get mobilized/ someone in the name of god to praise Him by keeping all these memories/ magnificient works done by Our Great Godfathers and Mothers!!!! This is called Real Evangelisitc Attitude!!!!
    Earlier+Now also my comments GOOD KEEP IT UP UP !EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Good Work.God Bless you

  11. Rev.Thomas Mathew Ayroor. | Reply

    Great effort.

  12. I don’t know how long you worked to create such a beautiful and informative Library. GOD BLESS YOU FOR EVER . ———– NALLOOR .———–
    Convey our regards to Grace.

    By: Stephen George Varampath, Kottayam.

  13. Well done.appreciate your short and sweet expression .may god bless u.keep it up.

  14. Rev. George Jacob George | Reply

    I do appreciate the pain and time taken to see that great souls who have given their best for the extension of Gods Kingdom is respected and valued by your effort.

  15. Great effort and very informative and valuable.
    Sincerly appreciable.

  16. Rev. Issac P Kurien | Reply

    It is Good work, short and sweet. I would like to draw your attention to the life of Rev. K. M. Jacob (Kottara Achen) whose name is included in Guinness book for longest service as a priest.
    Rev. Issac P Kurien, Bangalore

  17. rev skaria mathew | Reply

    let this effort be useful for many and many in the coming days. thank you

  18. Abin Cherian Mathew | Reply

    great work uncle
    these articles are surely very much informative

    It is very motivate for youth .

    Thankyou very much

  19. Abin Cherian Mathew | Reply

    Great work uncle,
    These articles are surely very much informative.
    It is very motivating for the youth .
    Thank you very much.
    – Abin Cherian Mathew

  20. Rev. Blysu Varghese | Reply

    My sincere appreciations. You are doing a wonderful ministry, God Bless You Abundantly. Thank You, Rev Blysu Varghese

  21. K. George Mathai | Reply

    Dear Tampi,
    Your effort, a sincere work, with the intention of at least imparting forgotten or ignored facts to the new generation will no means be without reward. God bless you.
    Carry on as long as the vision is there.
    ~ K. George Mathai

  22. Good work,,,,Dr Gigy Sara George ,kodukulanji ,chengunoor

  23. Rev. Jogy Thomas Vadaserikara | Reply

    congratulations for the tremendous and creative work for the coming generations.
    We hope that it would be benefited specially for youths those who are actively participating in the church ministry also those who are planning to enter this ministry.

  24. Great work, Really its a worthful resource for everyone. Keep updating more stuffs. All the best.

  25. Great. It’s a good thing to offer these things to new generation. May God bless you.

  26. I am one of the follower of Rev Vidhuan Kutty…let this effort be useful for many and many in the coming days. thank you By JOHN joseph (Vellikara Bodhakar family)

  27. you have done wonderful work.Please continue the same with more information.May God Almighty bless you.My best wishes

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    I appreciate your good self for undertaking such a strenuous and laborious work which would be really beneficial for the generations to come.May God bless your sincere efforts. ~ Rev.T.A.Varughese

  29. Rev. Jose C. Joseph Mathew | Reply

    I appreciate your tremendous and informative work for the coming generation of the Marthomites around the world. May God bless your sincere effort.
    Rev. Jose C. Joseph Mathew

  30. Prince T Cherian | Reply

    June 1881: Birth of Kottara Achen (Rev. K.M Jacob – Kottara, Pooyapally).
    Rev. K.M. Jacob, of Cherukarakunnil family of Kottara Bethel Mar Thoma Church
    was born in June, 1881. He became a deacon of the church in 1897, and priest
    on 8 October, 1903. He was the first convener of the Kottarakkara Mar Thoma
    Convention and was one of the founding members of the Jubilee Mandiram in
    Kottarakkara. For certain parishes he was the Vicar for more than 40 years.
    Achen was called to his eternal home on 28 March, 1984. Achen served the
    Church for more than 86 years and his name is in the Guinness book of world
    record under the entry – ‘longest religious service.

    Please add these details also,,,,,,


    Prince T Cherian

    1. Dear Mr. Prince T Cherian,

      The information you have provided us, is from our own resources. You can find more of such facts in the Church History section of the same website. Thank you for your interest.

      Warm regards,

  31. Rev.Thomas Mathew (Punnavely) | Reply

    Dear Adv.Nalloor, It has been a wonderful experience to go through the exemplary material that you have collected over the years .Since a while I have been going through the same.It will connect the generations with an aspiration for knowing the historical richness .Admire your excellent task of bridge building with the old and the new. Congratulations.

  32. Very good work uncle. God bless you. Message by my email. Thanks.

  33. Congrts. Thampi & Grace

  34. Very good Work,Congratulations.

  35. Wow.. it’s truely a treasure trove.. !
    May God reward u for the hardwork behind this.. and make this library a blessing for many…

    -Ann Mary

  36. good work….am in search of the church consecration of Kozhencherry church back in 1940’s. If you have any such material pls upload soon,

  37. Great Work….

  38. BINU.Vadakkemannil | Reply

    Great Achaya.

  39. Dear Thampicha
    Great Work!!!!
    Convey my regards to Gracemama.

  40. well done!
    let this information be an inspiration to many especially the younger generation to serve the Lord with sincerity.
    may god bless u.
    abraham mathew

  41. great work my heartly congrats

  42. kilinilathu george mathai | Reply

    Thampi & Grace, God bless you abundantly for the tiresome job you have undertaken to bring light to many. All the Best.

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