Short Biographies (2 minute reading)

Dr. Sosamma Philip – Medical Missionary

Chandu Menon – Bible Translator

P. V. Thommy Upadesi – Hymn writer

Kaithayil Geevarghese Malpan  – Reformation Leader

Dr. Miss Annamma Mathew – Ankola Ashram

P. M. Kochukurru – Hymn Writer

Rev. C. V. John – Defender of Faith


Dr. E. Stanley Jones – Billy Graham of India

F. J. Crosby – Hymn Writer and Poetess

Isaac Watts – Hymn writer & Theologian

Amy Carmichael – Founder of Dohnavur Mission

George Müller – Christian Evangelist & Champion of Orphans

Rev. K.M. Varghese Kathanar – First Maramon Convention Translator

Rev. K.N. George – School Administrator & Church Leader

Pandita Ramabai – Champion of Women’s Upliftment


Rev. K.T. Thomas -Saint of Sihora

Rev. M.P. Mathew- Sihora Ashram ‘Treasurer Babuji’

Rev. T. J. Andrews – Hymn Writer

Rev. Thomas Koshy – Hymn Writer

T. J. Varkey Asan – Hymn Writer

Titusji – Indian Freedom Fighter

V. P. Mammen Achen – Vicar General

Very Rev. V.T. Chacko – Vicar General

Sadhu Sunder Singh


Vicar General Kovoor Eipe Thoma Kathanar

Leyamma Mundakapadam Agathimandiram

Mrs. Kandamma Varghese – Mar Thoma Sevika Sanghom

Sister Aleyamma Varghese – Sihora Ashram

Sister Chechamma – Sihora Ashram


All files have been optimized for quick downloads and clarity in printing. All documents are in pdf format and can be read using Adobe® Reader® that is a free software. The amount of time it takes to open will vary according to the file’s size and your Internet connection speed.

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  1. Good keep it up very nice!!

  2. Thank you uncle. Looking forward to seeing this site grow.


  4. Dear Thampicha – Greetings and very pleased to see the web site being developed. I hope to use this as resources for our Sunday school classes. I am sure this would have been on your things to do during that retirement phase of your life.
    Congratulations on a job well done!

  5. Very good. Good reading for Mar Thomaites

  6. Thank you Nalloor Uncle…. Well developed…. I will add this on the Church website as a link under Resources.

  7. kunjumary J kolathu | Reply

    Uncle, Great job!! It is a great resource for many. Keep up the good work. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Great work uncle …

  9. Dear Thampicha – It is very informative, lot of effort, I will send this to our Sunday School students and staff. Congrats.

  10. Rev. Abraham Varghese | Reply

    Dear Uncle,
    Congrats for developing such a wonderful site. This is very good for our upcoming generations to know about the church and its leaders. All the best.

  11. K.I. Varghese (Baboo) | Reply

    Well done uncle. Very informative for all marthomites. I think this should be liked to Mar Thoma Church site. God Bless. Baboo Dubai

  12. Thomas Abarham | Reply

    Hi Thampi & Grace,
    Praise God. May your efforts be a blessing for the next generation too.
    Aby & Usha

  13. Dear Thampicha, Congrats. Really it is a great work, informative and helpfull to the younger generation. We have forwarded it to our son to publish it among the Youth Fellowship members. Stiil we have that 10 booklets which you have published about Sadhu kOCHUKUNJUPADESI etc. may God blees you.

  14. Dear Nalloor Uncle ,

    Morning. The Website looks very Good and has a lot of useful material which can be used for the future.!

    God Bless.

  15. Thank you very much Nalloor uncle. Very informative .Good to know that you are keeping fine.Miss you.Remembering the olden days. May God bless you .

  16. Charles Thomas | Reply


    Very useful for the young generation, appreciated your effort.

  17. Dear Uncle,
    congrats,v.good information

  18. Binu Thomas, Maliakkamannil, Maramon - Abu Dhabi | Reply

    Dear Thampy Uncle & Grace Aunty & Mackal,

    Good effort. This will allow all to have an easy access to the books. This will help us to know more about church history, church vision thus helping us more binding vith christian values

    The books to given to me are still with me,
    God bless you

    By Binu, Leena, Elsa & Elvis

  19. Aby & Betty, Bangalore | Reply

    Great work, all good wishes and pray that many more useful resources can be added to it. We will introduce this to many more. Thanks

  20. Wish all blessings to your endeavor. Definitely help many to learn the life history of missionaries and specially the pioneers of the Mar Thoma Church.

  21. Praise God for your endeavour, this is an asset to the sabha as the records of the same are either not stored or if stored no one knows about the same, or where to get the same from. I appreciate your hard work behind this endeavour. May God Bless you and use you for the kingdom of God by spreading the witness story of the yester years. Thank you once again. Can we do something thru the Sabha Website, if interested please share your suggestions wherein we can do the same through the Sabha Website also. As I am incharge of the website, I can do the maximum I can to bring out the same to the Youths of our Church. thanking You.
    – Rev John Geevarghese (bencyachen)

  22. George Mathai K. | Reply

    At least a few like you gives a glimpse of hope to the future generation, esp. those in connection with the church and its activities that God is not far from reading and prayer. God bless you and your endeavor.

  23. Wonderful material. You’re filling a huge gap that has been existing for a long time. All the best.

  24. Great work,
    God bless you

  25. Benoj Abraham and Maria Benoj | Reply

    Great work, wish you all the best. May God bless you many more.

  26. Shaji Thumpamon | Reply

    Dear Nalloor Uncle

    Good and really appreciated, May God bless you, This is very good informative for all the generations.

  27. Joji Abraham , Ireland | Reply

    Dear Nalloor Uncle, Good to know that you are keeping fine.Miss you.Remembering the olden days. May God bless you.

  28. Ronny George Varghese | Reply

    This is very good site. Thank and God Bless You for the efforts you have put to develop this.

  29. My Dear Thambi & Grace

    Thank you very much for the excellent attempt for an online library. It updates us with every information of our Church history. I remember your messages and presentations with charts at our Sunday prayer meetings which were a great blessing.

    Our regards and prayers

    Ninan George (Rajan)

  30. Dear Advt.John Nellor,
    Appreciate Your valuable and very essential informative web site for the new generation.

  31. പ്രിയ തമ്പി ,
    ഈ ശ്രമത്തെ അഭി നന്ദിക്കുന്നു.I had a quick look at the design and content of the site.Looks very concise and informative.Two minutes introduction, since it is very brief will open the window for further reading on those personalities.
    I suggest to expand the scope by including those politicians who contributed for the freedom fight , like T.M.Varghese , poets like Puthenkavu Mathen Tharakan etc…

  32. Abraham Mathew | Reply

    Wonderful job ! Great contribution to the future generations.

    Abraham Mathew
    Advocate, Mumbai.

  33. Dear Thampichayan.. it is absolutely brilliant.. very good

  34. Dear Adv. Nalloor,

    Really a great and worthy effort for updating the present day generation ordained and non ordained Sabha members(ie inclusive of Bishops, Achens and all ordinary members like me)
    Sir much commentable and dedicated work.Much appreciated and praying Almighty to give you strength and vision to keep doing .

    Babu, Thazhathu

  35. Dear Adv. Nalloor,

    A much worthy and dedicated effort to give awareness to all Sabha members(inclusive of all ordained and non ordained ).Sure that all these contents will give more awareness of the realities which are purposely hidden from the Church History even..Good effort.

    Sir, Pray Almighty to give you strength and wisdom to keep doing so for the betterment and uplift of the Sabha as we are getting weaker and weaker in the real Christian ways of life .

    May God Bless you.

    Babu Koshy, Thazhathu, Kottayam

  36. Rev: C.V.John Achen is very well personally known to me and I still have his sermon and the Holy Qurbana Service in mind.

    Mr Chandu Menon’s- Mr Joseph Fenn’s successor got ordained as a C.S.I Bishop today in Calicut. See the the greatness of the vision of late Mr Chandu Menon (Mr Joseph Fenn.
    Kaithayil Geevargheese Malpan is my meternal great grand father.
    Babu, Thazhathu

  37. REV.SABU ISSAC | Reply


  38. Varghese Eapen ( Achenkunju ) | Reply

    Dear Thambichayan,

    I had gone through few of these short biographies of the great people who dedicated their whole lives for the church. Do we have any such leaders in our present era about whom someone in the future generation can be proud of ?
    Excellent work. God Bless you.

  39. Great effort taken. Spiritually very valuable, educative & guiding. Jesus is with all of you behind this blessed initiative.

  40. Hearty congrats. May God bless you Uncle
    Toji Achen

  41. Dear Thampicahan and Grace,

    Very good effort. Trust this will help many to know more about Jesus, great missionaries and our Church. Happy to note that you are continuing to use your time and effort for a great cause. May God bless.
    K..S. Abraham

  42. Well Done,Keep the good work.

  43. gr8 eff0rt

  44. Congratulations!! Well done! God Bless you

  45. Dear Thampi,

    Great job !!. I am sure this will help to know about many great people who have
    contributed to the growth of our religion.
    Best regards,

    P.J. Mathews (Joe)

  46. Thankamma Varghese | Reply

    Very very good work Thampi &Grace, best wishes.

  47. Biju K. Nninan | Reply

    Hello Sir,
    Really good work, God Bless you

  48. Thank you uncle. It is a great job. God Bless you.

  49. Dear Nallor, Your presentation on Church history is a valuable contribution to the present and coming generation. Best wishes and prayers for your en devour.
    Rev.Dr.George Mathew Kuttiyil

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