7 October, 1837: Birth of Thomas Mar Athanasius Metropolitan

Thomas Mar Athanasius Metropolitan

Thomas Mar Athanasius Metropolitan

7 October, 1837: Thomas Mar Athanasius, the first son of Abraham Malpan was born into the Palakunnathu family of Maramon. He was the Metropolitan of The Mar Thoma Syrian Church from 1877-1893. It was during his time the Mar Thoma Church lost almost all their churches and properties in a court case called the “Seminary Suit”.

The main events during his episcopate are the formation of “The Mar Thoma Evangelistic Association” in 1888 and the beginning of the Mar Thoma Church magazine “Malankara Sabha Tharaka” in 1893. Though the episcopate of Thomas Mar Athanasius was a period of trial and suffering for the Mar Thoma Church, it was also one of great spiritual promise for the future. He was called to his eternal home on 10 August 1893.


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