Pages from History: 18 September, 1858: Birth of Kate Booth

18 September, 1858: Birth of Kate Booth (d.9 May 1955). She was the oldest daughter of William and Catherine Booth. Kate Booth brought the Salvation Army to France. As a captain, she led two lieutenants in preaching the Gospel in Paris, wearing sandwich boards when the police forbid them to hand out leaflets. They were not well received. Their street-corner sermons were often interrupted by people pelting them with mud and stones. After repeated attempts by men on the roads to strangle them by their bonnet strings, they began pinning the strings on rather than sewing them. She married Arthur Clibborn and had 10 children.

After becoming Pentecostals in 1906, the Booth-Clibborns together continued preaching and spreading the Gospel as travelling evangelists in Europe, the United States, and Australia for the rest of their lives.

The ‘Kate Booth House’, a Salvation Army residential environment for women and children fleeing family violence in Vancouver, British Columbia, was named in her honour.

Catherine Booth-Clibborn (Katie Booth)

Catherine Booth-Clibborn (Katie Booth)


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